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How to Get Thousands of real YouTube views Fast

The best place to share a funny joke is on the Internet.  Instead of knock-knock jokes and one liners people on the Internet enjoy sharing funny video clips.  Quick, free and often times hilarious there are plenty of places to that end up hosting funny video clips online.  Free comedy is everywhere on the Internet, and this helpful guide will show you the easiest and most reliable places to watch comedy online. If you are trying to locate funny video clips from today's hottest comedians, Funny or Die should be one of the first websites you visit. 

Funny or Die was started by comedian Will Ferrell and his partner Adam McKay through their Gary Sanchez production company.  Funny Or Die separates itself from other funny video clip hosting sites by the way it lets people rank the videos, get enough funny votes and the video will be immortalized get enough die votes and the video will be sent into the "crypt".  Another way Funny Or Die separates itself with its free comedy is the number high profile comedians it gets to contribute.  The videos with lesser known names are often by Los Angeles comedy improve teams and sketch groups.  If you need a quick laugh, check out Funny or Die's very first funny video clip, the Landlord staring Will Ferrell.

The Upright Citizens Brigade had its beginning as a sketch comedy troupe consisting of comedians Matt Baser, Amy Koestler, Ian Roberts and Matt Walsh.  The troupe of comedians eventually went on to star in a television show on Comedy Central that lasted for a few years.  Their website UCBtheater.com is the home of the Upright Citizens Brigade, an improve comedy school, a comedy theatre and host to some of the funniest video clips online today.  As LA comedy students perfect their craft they also pump out funny video clips that can to be distributed online.  Additionally the founding members often times contribute their own comedy, often times creating materials with the in house troupes in the LA comedy scene and NY comedy scene.  If you are looking for a funny video from the Upright Citizens Brigade check out the LA comedy group Cream and their video ‘We Got Your B-Roll'.

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